Editorial Work

Editor, International Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprocessing & Development                                 Since 2014

Editor, Journal of Geography & Natural Disasters, Los Angeles, CA, USA                                     Since 2012

Editor, International Journal of Geo-Informatics, AIT, Thailand                                                 2007-Present

Editor, International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology HEC                                  Since-2016

Recognized in “Y” category

Editor, Pakistan Geographical Review, The University of the Punjab, Pakistan,   HEC                     Since-2012

Recognized in “Y” category

Editorial Advisor, Sindh, Punjab and NWFP School Atlases, GABA- Pakistan                                   2006

Executive Editor, Geographical Papers, Karachi, Pakistan                                                           since 2006

Editor, Journal Geographic, Karachi, Pakistan                                                                           since 2006

Editorial Advisor, Encyclopedia of Pakistan, OxfordUniversity Press, Karachi, Pakistan                    1997-1999

Editorial Advisor, Geography Secondary Books (2 & 3), Oxford University Press                            1998

Editorial Advisor, Oxford University Press Atlas,         Oxford University Press                              1998

Coordinator and Editor of the Asian Supplement of an International Bi-monthly Journal,                 1996-1998     

The Circular on Desertification, Published by Environmental Liaison ELCI in English, French and 

Spanish from Nairobi, Kenya                                                                                                        

Co-Editor,Enviroline, Published by SCOPE                                                                              1995-1998

Assistant Editor, Geographical Papers, University of Karachi                                                     1990-1993

Editor, Geographical Papers, University of Karachi                                                                  1990-1991

Referee and Reviewer for Social Science and Medicine, International Jr. Atmospheric Resh.            Since 2002 

International Journal of Remote, Journal of Frontiers of Environment, International Journal of 

Environmental Science and Technology, PCSIR Journal and many more

HEC Focal Person for the Evaluation of the Projects of (Geography)                                            2007-2010