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Landscape Ecology and Dynamics of Urban Ecosystems, Higher Education Commission, May 2010 (CPI)

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Ecological and Socio-economic Assessment of the Use of Prosopisjuliflora for Bio-Char Production in PakistanA ProjectofDryNet&Bothends, Amsterdam: Netherland.  Sponsored  by European Commission and UNCCD. 2007-2008

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Women Empowerment in Various Industries  of Pakistan Identification  through Spatial Tools, MEDA-Rassta, 2009

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Monitoring the Wetlands of Lower Sindh through SRS Techniques, Grant awarded by the, Dean, Faculty of Science University of Karachi, May 2006-2007

Monitoring the Impacts of Urban Growth on Vegetation Intensity in Karachi Using RS and GIS Techniques, Grant awarded by the University of Karachi, October 2001

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Completed a research project as a Research Associate from 1987 to 1993 on “The use of Pesticides as a Strategy Against Cotton Pests: A Profile of the Perception of Pakistani Farmers” for International Development and Social Change, ClarkUniversity, U.S.A, 1994