Environmental Justice and Spatial Analysis:  Air pollution and Social Economic Status in GVRD, British Columbia, Canada,  2006 – 2008

Integrating climate, biology and epidemiology:  Predicting West Nile Virus.  Supported by the BC Centre for Disease Control and Environment Canada. (2005-2006)

Conservation Landscape Strategy for the City of Coquitlam, Canada 2003-2005

Development of Comprehensive Landscape Strategy for the CoquitlamCity that links the multi-resource inventory data with detailed spatial queries to support ecological sustainability that is socially and fiscally viable in ArcGIS Environment.  Ortho-images of the City being used to polygonize and classify the ecological data.

Kingcome, BC, Canada Watershed and Forest ECA Analysis 2003-2005

GIS Overlaying and buffering techniques used to calculate the tree heights and ages based on which Equal Clearcut Areas (ECA) are computed.

Mapping and Monitoring Caribou Population and Ecology, Northern Muskwa – Kechika, BC, Canada

This project aims to establish baseline ecological information on one of the main caribou herds in the northern Muskwa – Kechika (MK) with the help of GIS techniques, to support future wildlife management and conservation objectives for the predator-prey systems in the northern part of the MK.

Development of a Forest Fire Emission Inventory for Alberta, Canada2002-2003

The main objective of this project is to determine the relative contribution of forest fire emissions to the total emissions released to the Atmosphere in Alberta. A database of forest fire emissions from 1995-2000 is being generated with the help of ArcView and ERDAS Imagine. Classified Landsat TM and RADARSAT images are used for the extraction of Classified data. This database is dynamically connected with the base map of Alberta and a spatio-temporal analysis is conducted with the help of change detection technique by using PCI Geomatics.

Whatcom County, USA Air Emission Inventory for the Year 2000-2002

Whatcom County, in the State of Washington, together with the Greater Vancouver Regional District and South West portion of the Fraser Valley Regional District. Spatial data is developed for the project area by using ArcInfo and ArcView software technology, which include the development of a digital base map, superimposition of I x I Km grid on Lambert Conformal Conic Projection data layer, pollutant based bar maps of the different sources, pollutant distribution based on 1 x 1 Km grid data in ESRI shape and Grid formats.

Environmental Impact Assessment for the VIGP BC Hydro, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada2002

A comprehensive environmental impact assessment and an application for a project approval certificate was prepared and submitted to the BC Environmental Assessment Office.  VIGP includes a 295 MW combined cycle gas-fired plant located in Duke Point, near Nanaimo.  As GIS Specialist I prepared base maps and some site specific and regional maps to facilitate the analysis of environmental impacts on different scales. In addition I produced some Isoline maps of different pollutants to target the concentration of these pollutants with relation to the distribution of population by using ERDAS Imagine and ArcView Software. These iso-line maps were then superimposed on raster images to clearly visualise different environmental scenarios.

Marine Vessel Air Emissions in the LowerFraserValley, Canada for the Year 2000

An emission inventory of air contaminant emission from marine vessel in the LowerFraserValley was prepared for the year 2000. Converted cartographic data from UTM to Lambert Conformal Conic Project. Developed spatial data based on GIS Query Analysis and provided the data both in tabular and cartographic forms.